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Muslim Chamber of Economy (MCE) Board of Directors and Volunteering Opportunities

Join Rimici Volunteering opportunities to enable Muslim Businesses and economy for better business and professional career opportunities


Muslim Community Online Chamber of Economy, business and Jobs

Insha Allah Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Chamber of Economy enables Muslim families and businesses on solid economic footing with great quality tools, resources, processes and professionals focused as dedicated team to help businesses and professionals successful while contributing to Social causes and solutions.

Our MCE Program for businesses is designed and build on Rimici “ONE Source” Secure Cloud platform leveraging industry best practices for online security, risk management and streamlined business capabilities and processes


Sponsor for sustainable operation of Muslim Economy Framework, Programs

Rimici “ONE Source” has designed, build and implemented the first Muslim Families Governance framework, capabilities, programs, processes, tools, resources, volunteers and finest professional experts and leaders as dedicated team for our businesses and professionals.

We are going through the introduction, awareness and adaptation phase and marketing efforts.

We recognize great contributors and sponsors to support the Family and business programs.

We are inviting leaders to come together to sponsor great quality family and business programs enabling continuous improvements, expansion of our programs capabilities, operations and availability

To sponsor, support and for orientation, Please Contact Us

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Halal Micro-Financing Business Development And Marketing

Successful future belongs to those who design and build secure cloud infrastructure and sustainable solutions / programs for our Families and Businesses!

Join Our Team and Build the First Muslim Family and Business solutions Cloud

Volunteering Opportunities in Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Domains

1. Risk Governance
2. Secure Cloud
3. Family Programs
4. Civic Engagement

Business Development And Marketing

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